Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Are you who you want to be?

I LOVE music... and some songs just inspire me!! Switchfoot's song - This is your Life... WOW! It gets me thinking... Who do I want to be? AND Who does GOD want me to be?? Are they the same girl??

MOST of all... I want want to be Christ-like in all I do... and in ALL I think!! Sometimes... my thoughts are a little negative - almost a lack of faith. I really do KNOW that GOD is the one in control - at all times!

Are YOU who you want to be??  AND are you who GOD wants you to be??

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Nicole (Coco) said...

Pam, What a great blog! I know that I am being sharpened in to the woman that God calls me to be.

I have moments like you talked of in your blog but most of the time now it is about listening to the Lord and allowing HIM to sharpen me and mold me into who I need to be.

Love, Nicole Rauch