Thursday, August 28, 2008

I get so distracted =)

I LOVE being on my computer...  BUT, I get so distracted from doing what I NEED to be doing and just playing instead...  I check my email...  I see an ad in an email that I think I NEED =) so I go check it out!  Then I add it to my cart - and go back to the email... and see Facebook stuff - and go there and play a while - when I SHOULD be making album pages =)  then I go and see what is new in the photography community that I joined =)  Look at inspiring photos to get my imagination going...  and NOW... I am HERE!!  HAHA!!  I really am trying to keep up with all this blogging... I will go read a few too - after this!!  I am addicted... oh well...  

Just to clear things up...  I NEVER hit the place order button in my "shopping" sprees...  it just feels so good to shop!!  AND not spend any money!!!

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