Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Confessions from Bup... =)

I am just copying Taleah's title because I am too tired to be creative on my OWN!!  

HAHA!  Oh my!  I have NO clue HOW you young Mom's -  blog, Facebook, work, AND have time with your families!!!  WOW!   

I am Noah and Maia's "Bup" - and last week we were all on vacation. I was all caught up on my "social" life as well as my NEW desire to read thru my bible and journal with my Church's Life Journal... AND had the blogging bug - to post MORE than I did last year!

Well... tonight I realized I failed miserably!  I DID do the reading!!  But yesterday I didn't get the journaling done =(  SO today I read and KNEW I had to journal THEN or I wouldn't get to it!!!  AND I cannot KEEP up with my Facebook social life =( !!   Then... there is my WORK!!!  I have quite a few projects to still FINISH up... and my GOAL is to be done by the end of January!!  YIKES I have started out the year BEHIND!!  HAHA!!

Well tomorrow IS another day...  I PRAY I get SOMETHING done!!

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