Monday, June 15, 2009

Working OUT =)

Yep... I am working out!  I have a personal trainer and I just LOVE her and ALL the help she is giving me - and now I am wondering WHY I didn't do this sooner!!  HAHA!!

I am feeling more energetic... and NOW I know why I NEED that energy!  I am going thru LAUNDRY like water!!  YIKES!!!  I think on days I don't have to SEE anyone I will just stay in my stinky, sweaty clothes... and SHOWER later or not ;)   HAHA!!


Lorayne Nazur said...

You are awesome.. such an inspiration. I miss you!

Eye Ya said...

Haven't been keeping up on post lately. Your awesome!!! So Proud of you keep going and if you have any extra enegry I have some laundry at my house as well! HA HA !

Love You!