Sunday, July 12, 2009

What a DAY =)

It is too much to put onto my Facebook update!! I got to spend the morning with Liam - he is just the cutest little guy!! AND I got to see Noah and Maia - Maia made my day by letting go of Mom's hand in a HUGE crowd and ran over to ME !! Well... maybe it was Liam - but I am thinking it was me =) HAHA!! THEN Friends from Knott Ave Days of ministry were in church and I was just BLESSED to get to SEE them and HUG them... and even going to lunch and spending the afternoon with them! It was NOT enough time tho... and was really hard to leave! I loved hearing how each one of them is doing today!! It made me just feel as if the years melted away - in fact I was just emotional ALL day after seeing them!! OH HOW I LOVED Youth Ministry =) THEN... to TOP off the day - we had our first Crossroads Photography Ministry meeting during the evening service and 50 people showed up!!! We moved from the cafe to the Fellowship Hall - I am so GLAD we did!! We were NOT prepared for so many FUN people to want to join us in our MINISTRY!!!

I am just overwhelmed at what GOD did today - I am in AWE... and still very EMOTIONAL!!! God is so GOOD!

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Jennifer Lynch said...

I LOVE your enthusiasm, Pam! God is using you and Chuck in amazing ways - I love hearing about it! And your love for your grandkids just brings tears to my eyes. Keep up the great work!