Friday, July 31, 2009

What a WEEK!

I do LOVE birthdays!! Even tho I am a year older =) Last Sunday, my actual birthday, Chuck surprised me BEYOND the normal for him! I tried to embed the video... but I can't figure out how... here is the link to the page - July 26 video =)

Anyway... he called me up on the stage before he preached... and we danced to our song "You Make Me Feel Brand New" by the Stylistics - the Burton Family even sang it!! Then Noah came up on the stage and handed me a gift - a trip to Syracuse to visit my Grand BABIES!! WOOHOO! I was so OVERWHELMED that I didn't even hear most of the sermon that service. THEN he did it again second service - and gave me a new Mac Book Pro!! AND then again in the evening service!! Noah brought me another gift... pink Converse shoes!! Chuck knew these are the THINGS I have been wanting... and WOW - He really listens!! I just LOVE him...

I am still a little overwhelmed... and I have been TIRED all week!! HAHA!!

I am working on my new laptop... and cannot find my pix =) HAHA! I migrated my computers and didn't bring it all over - so now I have to go find pix =)

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