Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Not what I thought it would be =)

The new SEASON has begun... FOOTBALL almost everyday...  and NOW... Dancing with the Stars!! I do like the show - BUT not as much as Chuck does!!  HE is addicted to it!!  As we were watching it last night I was imagining back to when we first were married and dreaming of what our life would look like in our "older" years...  and I have to say that it was NOT ballroom dancing!!  HAHA!!  In fact I would have BET a LOT that Chuck would NOT be watching that on TV when we were in our fifties!!  WOW!  I think it is so FUNNY that he LOVES that show so MUCH!!  It even beats Monday Night Football  =)  WOW!

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Tiffany Harper said...

hehe Pam I love it! I too wonder what life will be like for D and I when we are empty nesters and in our 50's. Gosh..it really makes me excited to think about that time with my best friend. Thanks for sharing!!!! Love you both!