Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday's are AMAZING!!

I wake up so excited to see GOD work at church!! Today Was NO exception! Chuck's message really got to MY heart... thinking about LIFE -and - how short it is! AND Am I LIVING it? I really do want to Live Like I Am Dying! I am so excited to start the book... and really think thru that! I am so BLESSED to be a part of a church - Crossroads - that really wants to LOVE and SERVE Jesus in ways that HE calls them - AND me!

AND by Sunday night I was sooooo TIRED!! BUT I LOVED IT! I got to spend this evening with my niece... what a blessing that was to me! She is growing up so fast and I just PRAY that she will want to KNOW the will of GOD in her life too! As tired as I was... SHE is who I wanted to spend time with!! We took a lot of pix and heard Chuck speak and just got to talk... I feel so BLESSED that she wanted to spend time with me!! I HOPE that I get more of these times with her!

I hope that your Sunday's are BLESSED!!

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