Monday, March 1, 2010

The budget is hitting... =)

I am starting to feel the budget crunch - and I LIKE it!  I am spending a little bit of money...  which is really GOOD for me!  BUT, today Chuck said I spent A LOT more than I said I did... I got VERY defensive - I KNOW what I spent!  I didn't used to know =)   The money was charged to our card from a place I had NO clue what it was... so I had Chuck check how often the charge came in... ONCE A MONTH!!  OH MY...  $21 a MONTH!!  AND he said it has been since 2007!!  OH MY!!  I calculated it... $766 to a place I signed up for and had NO clue!  YIKES!!!  So I emailed them to ask what it was for... AND if I get anything for it =)  AND to cancel!!  I will see what happens...  I sure hope there are NO MORE of these monthly charges coming in!!  SO glad we found it... BUMMER it took so LONG!! =(

I am learning what I really want now... I don't just spend my money on a whim =)  I LOVE IT!!  I am thinking thru the WII Fit... my sister LOVES it...  so... do any of you out there have it AND do you use it???  Just wondering....    I really want to get fit and in shape this year!!

Here is a FUN pic that Jennifer Felix took while PLAYING in class...  I LOVE IT!! =)


Michelle Koenig said...

Yes, we have the Wii Fit Plus and love it. Scott has done really well on it. We just don't do it as often as we should.

Tiffany Harper said...

I don't have the Wii Fit. But I subscribed to Shape Magazine and it is probably the best investment I have ever made. I get a tons of new workouts and I am feeling awesome. No gym membership for me!! Can't afford it lol!

Joi Copeland said...

I absolutely LOVE Wii Fit Plus! I use it almost every day! It is one of the best things ever!!! It kicks my bootie!