Friday, March 26, 2010

I LOVE change... BUT...

Today I wanted to get some cute fonts... for my Inspired...365 pix...  so I did =)  I installed them all... and NOW my Arial font is NOT Arial!  SO... that has messed up ALL of my internet pages that use Arial!!  It was UNREADABLE!!  I tried to reinstall Arial - and now I can read my internet pages... BUT, Arial is still a funky font!!  I am NOT a fan of that kind of change!!  I sure hope that my LOVE for change... AND fun fonts didn't mess up the WHOLE computer!!  I know Chuck thinks I am CRAZY at times... but I just NEED CHANGE!!

Do any of YOU out there... know why my Arial font is NOT Arial??  I should have taken a screen shot of it to show you... I don't know what font it turned into...  it was a CUTE font... just NOT one to read all the time!!

I found it... I was trying to make a scrapbook page... this is the Arial font that was on the web pages...  I am so GLAD that is fixed!!  I have NEVER used Arial in photoshop before  =) I will live with it!!

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Lizzy said...

I have realized that I like change too. I'm so happy with my phone's app that daily changes its backround
. :)