Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I feel FREE!!!

I didn't plan it... BUT I am LOVING taking pix almost DAILY right now!  Since I have retired... I feel I can now just shoot for fun AND I feel like I don't HAVE to EDIT EVERY SINGLE PIC!  I feel FREE!!  NOW... I can post pix on my Facebook AND Flickr AND blogs without EDITING!  WHEW!  I am really feeling FREE!!  Here are a few... straight out of the camera...  I LOVE THEM!!

In this one... Noah just kept TALKING!!  HAHA!!!  I LOVE the ACTION of that! =)

I did vignette Maia in this one =)

I just LOVE Liam in this one...  I don't know what he will do to his little SISTER!!  HAHA!!

=)  He so WANTS to touch it...

I just LOVE that I am not spending so much time EDITING...  =)  I LOVE the pix!!

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Tiffany Harper said...

Yay!! Even though I am sad you retired ;) I love that you get to just take pictures for fun and not feel the crunch and pressure of editing. Enjoy your FREEDOM!