Thursday, March 18, 2010

Things I have learned this week... =)

WHEW!  I am TIRED!  I have a few minutes tonight... to think back on my week with the kids AND grand kids and I have learned A LOT from it!!

1. KIDS have LOTS of energy and then all of a sudden - they DON'T - and want to be carried =)

2. I don't think I can do this EVERYDAY!  That is why parents are YOUNG =)

3. I really LOVE my adult kids... Rich and Tim - what a blessing they are!  AND I LOVE the choice they made in their wives... Mel AND Jill!!  I am one BLESSED Mom-in-Law!

4. I cannot do a Toddler TEA Party all by my self  =)  I really thought I could...  HAHA!!  I didn't plan to have MUCH... BUT...  it was still MORE than I could have handled ALONE!  I am THANKING GOD that Taleah,  AND Jill AND Tim AND Chuck were ALL there to see me NEEDING SO MUCH HELP and jumping IN!  Pix will follow... =)

5. It is Thursday, they go home Saturday...  I am a bit sad NOW!  YIKES!!


7. I am BLESSED =)

Here are Toddler TEA Party pix...

I could NOT have done it without TIM taking pix...  Jill jumping in...

Taleah jumping in...

They ALL did GREAT and LOVED the Tea Party =)

Maia's version of a Tea Party is putting ALL the food IN the tea =)


Jo Jo said...

I LOVE all the pics! So cute! And you got to be IN the pics for once! Such a fun time!

Chuck said...

Okay, you are the best at loving kids and everyone!