Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I have NO MORE ROOM on my laptop!!  HAHA!!  So... instead of editing pix and posting the FUN stuff I shot... I am cleaning up my computer!!  I only have 40 gigs left and THOUGHT I cleared off A LOT... and now I have 50 gigs  =)  SO I am going to have to go SEE what else I can clean off!!  UGH!

This is just more of a RANT than it is a real blog... but... it goes to show... I need to RANT every now and then!  I think I get more ANGRY at things than people...  does that make me more Spiritual  =)  HAHA!!  I think NOT... isn't anger actually ANGER no matter what???

... a little while later... I think I cleared OFF 65 gigs =) WOOHOO!!

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