Monday, May 3, 2010

Remembering back...

Friday night we had a reunion of our FIRST full time youth group - 1979 =)  WOW!  It was GREAT to see EVERY ONE of them!  As Chuck and I were reminiscing... lots of MEMORIES came flooding thru... I think I was an emotional WRECK all week!

Back then - before we had KIDS and seat belt LAWS...  after church on Sunday nights AND Wednesday nights we would pile about 8 or 9 kids into our car and begin our trek down Brookhurst dropping them off at their homes...  We really got to KNOW each one of them spending so MUCH time together.  THAT was a highlight of my days...  Melinda remembered that we would ask "who wants to be dropped of LAST" ?  HAHA!!  I had forgot that...  that determined which route we would take!

I remember having so many MEALS at our little apartment off of Yockey Street in Garden Grove...  then at our house that we rented in Anaheim.

I remember sharing the LORD with Bobbie Bohler - Valente and her accepting and ME getting to baptize her... MY FIRST ONE EVER!!  She really has a SPECIAL place in my heart =)

This was our FIRST group that we dedicated to FULL time ministry... and WOW! I was 20 years old... just a KID myself.  I was not raised in a "church" family =)  so I had NO CLUE what we were doing!!  HAHA!  SO we just jumped in and began to LOVE the kids with ALL that we had - I think that we learned as much from them as they did from us!

Camps... were LIFE CHANGING for all of us!  I had NEVER been to camp as a kid -  ONLY as a leader  =)  I fell IN LOVE with youth ministry because of these kids...   I didn't want to do anything else!!

So much MORE to say...  so I will post as I think of them!!

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