Saturday, May 29, 2010

Twittering =)

I am trying to keep up with the Twitter thing...   I just don't have enough HOURS in a day to read them ALL!  Maybe I just follow too many??  I follow Christian leaders, Photography peeps, and Crossroads friends...  =)  I LOVE THEM ALL!!  They just TWEET a lot!  HAHA!!

The way my tweets go up is I LOOPT from my iPhone and my status goes to my Twitter and my Facebook... so MANY days I forget to look at my Tweets... SORRY!  If you respond on the Tweets... I don't see them - SORRY!

I am thinking that I may CUT back my Twitter list so that I can actually care... =)

Do you Tweet?  On your computer or your phone??  Which is easier??  I just feel bad when I don't respond... =)

1 comment:

Tiffany Harper said...

I don't know how I do it all...but I am able to keep with fb, twitter, blog...aaaahhh! Maybe I need a social media fast heeeeee!