Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Getting READY to move... =)

OH MAN!!  We have never lived in ONE place for more than 5 years...  we have lived here for almost 10!  SO - that means LOTS and LOTS more JUNK!  HAHA!!  I started clearing OUT a lot of it yesterday - I am OLD - because TODAY... I am so sore!  I feel like I ran a marathon!!  HAHA!  BUT I do feel we are on our way...  I am so excited!  We HOPE to be painting by the end of the month... and on the market in July!  WOOHOO!  Then... CORONA HERE WE COME!!

On a little side note... Jill is having contractions today  =)  We may have a baby today!!

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Tiffany Harper said...

That is awesome!!!! I love hearing that. Praying for you and Chuck...and Jill too!