Tuesday, June 15, 2010

WOW! We have a NEW Grand Daughter =)


What a FUN day yesterday was...  Jill was having contractions all day...  they went IN around 6 and she was admitted around 7 and Ellani was born at 9:29!  QUICK!  AND Jill looked AMAZING after she was born!!!  =)  I got to hold her... and I FELL IN LOVE!!  She is just so CUTE!!!

Ashley Horne took these CUTE shots!  I cannot wait to get more pix of her...  I just LOVE here chubby little cheeks  =)


Tiffany Harper said...

she is gorgeous Pam. How sweet it is to hold a new baby.

Rachael. said...


HOw do you pronounce her name ?

Pamee said...

We are just LOVING her =)

Rachael her name is pronounced like Ellen with eeee at the end... like Elleneeee =) My son has had this name picked since he was in HS... =) The only issue was HOW to spell it!! HAHA! His wife won that one!! =)