Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I am a bit overwhelmed with JOY =)

WOW!  I am just catching UP on my emails and FB messages from yesterday!

It was my BIRTHDAY yesterday... and I had the BEST ONE YET!

I woke up to SEE I had 275 messages - HAHAHA!!  AND that was just the beginning!  We went to Disneyland with Tim and Jill, and of course Liam and Ellani! AND Ricky and Taleah WITH Noah and Maia! AND Ashton along with Jesse and Jen and Ava! It was so FUN! 3 strollers!!

My phone kept dinging too... ALL DAY LONG!  TONS of wonderful messages =)

First thing we did was EAT... turkey legs =) YUM! Here is Jesse LOVING it =)

The kids rode the merry go round while Chuck was in line getting the FOOD...

Then we went to see Cassie as Princess Jasmine... and we got front row seats and got to Get our pix with the cast!

And my phone STILL kept dinging ALL DAY!

THEN... I got to ride the tea cups with the kids that were OLD enough to ride...

... the phone kept dinging... =)

Then the kids went home... and we went to Club 33 for the BEST BIRTHDAY DINNER EVER!

I primarily used my iPhone as the camera for the day - BUT at this point my battery was at 13%!  SO I had to STOP using my phone!  HAHA!!  I think all the messages wore out my battery!!!

THANK YOU ALL for making this one of the BEST birthday memories I will ever have!

I truly do THANK GOD for all of YOU in my life...  I love YOU!

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