Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Well... I can't even KEEP up with my life right now - HAHA!

Today... was the FIRST day that I watched 4 kids ALL day long!  AND I was a little nervous... BUT... ALL WENT WELL!  Ellani - 8 weeks old - slept MOST of the day! Liam - 15 months old - slept for his morning nap... that was it! Maia - 2 years old - was a real HELPING mama today! She made sure that Ellani was taken care of ALL DAY LONG! (it was really CUTE!) and Noah -3 years old - was the entertainment for Liam! Which is why I think Liam didn't want to SLEEP!

The only real issues that made me PONDER... WHAT DO I DO? was when Noah was on the downstairs potty and Maia HAD to go too... at the same time!  I ran Maia UP THE STAIRS FAST!!  HAHA!  It is a GOOD thing I am shredding!  Then at nap time... EVERYONE was awake at the SAME time... so all 4 of us went UP THE STAIRS... I was holding Ellani... and the rest climbed UP all by them selves =)  the PONDER time came when I was going to come back down... Liam and Ellani were NOT ready to sleep yet... and I couldn't carry 2 down at the same time!  Ellani was the SAFE one to leave alone up stairs... I brought Liam down and told him to stay OFF the stairs - and HE DID! I was soooooo excited!!!

It was a GREAT day!

NOW I am also getting ready to MOVE... and NEED to PACK up my WHOLE house! HAHA! SO I am a bit distracted from the OTHER things in my life =)  I really am excited!!

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Rachael. said...

Oh my lands you are for sure much braver than me!!!