Wednesday, May 18, 2011


HAHA! As I am writing this tho... I don't know when I have EVER been this TIRED!

Today was the FIRST day of watching 5 kids at the same time...   =)    WHEW!   Malakai - 6 weeks old we really easy... haha... he slept most of the day!  Ellani - 11 months - was into everything and didn't like when I held Malakai - so SHE was on my hip most of the day! Liam - 2 years old - LOVED having the other kids here! HE played harder than he has in a LONG time - he was WORN out by bed time! Maia - 3 years old - She LOVED getting to help me all day long! PLUS she wanted to get her nails done, which we did during the babies nap time! AND then Noah - 4 years old - he came ready to play! He went to the back room and pulled out ALL the toys - one was a 9 foot long snake (toy) that he carried with him most of the day!

I don't remember too much of the day - other than feeding, changing diapers... OH!  I forgot to say - one of my dear friends Darlene came to visit today and I put her to work! She changed the FIRST two of many poopy diapers! THANKS DAR!! I do think all we did was eat, change and sleep!!  HAHA!

THANKS to Chuck too... he helped feed Ellani lunch while Malakai ate too =)

My goal today was to get ONE good pic of each child today! I think I did!

The room...

Now... I am ready for BED! 


Jackie said...

Looking at your pictures made me tired!! What a fun day for you.

Joyce said...

How happy and tired you must be. How many car seats fit in your car? Ya know ya gotta be ready!!! I'll be in for graduation so I hope to see you then at church.