Sunday, July 17, 2011

Emotional week...


It started with our son, Tim getting to speak at a camp... We are so proud! We went up to Thousand Pines to hear him speak. He did AMAZING! I wanted to hear MORE! Liam sat with Jill and watched his Daddy speak... That melted my heart!

Then I got to watch Liam and Ella on Friday and BOTH of them had milestones in their lives... On the same day!! Ella walked a LOT without being prompted! Liam got out of his crib- very easily too :) he was trying to sneak... He still has to learn that! Haha! He always closed the door LOUD!! They are growing up!!

Then one of our dear friends... John Sawaya was put on hospice and we went to visit him...and Carol and Leslie and Brooke!! WOW... What a GODLY man! I cried for a while when we left them... I learned so much from all of them! He went home to be with Jesus yesterday!

Then we had a reunion with our youth group from Knott Avenue Christian Church- from the early 1980's! Wow! It was so fun to hear how GOD is working in all of their lives!!! We laughed a lot!! It really made me LOVE ministry!! I was so thankful to just remember back!

And today... Oh my!! The worship was so emotional all day long!! With our Special DisAbilities ministry leading us...

Chuck's sermon was on spiritual warfare... WOW!!

And I loved getting to be with the Celaya's when baby Owen was dedicated to the Lord.... What a wonderful family!!

OH!! Tonight... I almost burned the house down! Haha!! I got a heat gun and it set off all the fire alarms IN the house!! It's nice to know it shouts out "Fire.... Fire... Fire" hahaha!!! NOTHING was on fire tho... I didn't know it created smoke tho! I couldn't see it!!

I have to say... I am so TIRED! It has been a great week... But now I can't even think straight!!

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Jackie said...

Thank you, again, for having us! You guys have been blessed with a great home, and you are deserving, indeed.
Also...can I say Wow! About a special needs worship team!
Glad you didn't burn the house down :) And, yes, lets get together in September.