Saturday, July 23, 2011

I'm beginning to LOVE my Bible ON my iPad!

I have struggled getting used to reading on my iPad... My Bible included! I LOVE the pages... Taking notes... Underlining... KNOWING where I can find the verse on the page... I'm OLD that way! Haha! Chuck is ALL tech... I'm getting there...

It isn't easy carrying a BIG study Bible with me where ever I go... :)

My goal for this summer has been to meditate and journal and it is easier to take my iPad with me where ever I go... And read... So I decided to LEARN my Bible apps! Finally! Haha!! I only have 4... And the ONLY one that works without the Internet is Mantis! I use that one the MOST! And I love it! I just found it has a daily reading program too!!

In YouVersion... The brown one it has choices of daily reading programs!!

I chose to do the memorize the top 100 verses... I thought that would be GREAT for my meditation too... this was one of the verses...

I don't get why this is one of the top 100 tho... ;) it did make me laugh!!

I love getting screen shots of the verses too... It helps me remember them =]

I'm still learning... But I'm getting the hang of it!!

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