Saturday, July 2, 2011

Loving summer so far...

I've taken a break from Words with Friends... I do feel bad that the notices keep coming up that I NEED to play or I forfeit!!! I don't like to forfeit!! Haha!! And no Hanging With Friends... Even tho the RED circles NEVER go away ;)

I've had more time to meditate... And Read! Plus I am getting ready to art journal every day. I do my regular journal... But I am needing to do more! So I'm learning how to paint IN a book - YouTube is an AMAZING place! They have videos for EVERYTHING!!

AND I've had more time to plant a garden... Of sorts... Haha! We have a tomato plant that is giving us a TON of tomatoes!! And Tim gave us 5 HOT pepper plants that are thriving! We also planted pumpkins... Watermelons... Cucumbers... Sunflowers and cilantro... Only the pumpkins and watermelon are growing;) at least so far!! Today we planted huge trees!! Yay for shade!!!

I haven't picked up my "real" camera a whole lot either... My iPhone is my camera of choice! It is instant and fast!

I don't get on my "real" computer everyday anymore... So I don't get as side tracked!!

I do want and NEED to blog more tho... :) it is another form of journaling for me... I'm hoping to share my art journal in my other blog too- Inspired...365

Here is a pic of our plants that ARE growing! Except the watermelon =] I'll get pix when they get a bit bigger!

Stuff to play with IN my journal!! I have to say... The FIRST page is the hardest!! So... I just NEED to step out and do it!!!

Here is what I have on the first page so far... I'm doing Psalm 51. Now... I NEED to add art... Haha!!

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