Thursday, September 11, 2008

Being Grammie Pamee = "Bup"

I LOVE when my grandbbabies call... they say "I'm coming to Grammie Pamee's house on a plane to C A L I F O R N I A"  =)  OH how I LOVE hearing that!!  They are 26 months old now... and talking sooooo much!  I can't tell their voices apart right now - other than  I THINK that Myra talks more than Caroline =)

All this to say... I LOVE MY NAME!!   We thought I would just be "Grammie" - but when they were all out here in June...  I don't know who said it... but it caught on - "Grammie Pamee is a good good girl,  doo da,  doo da"  =)   Can't you just hear them singing it??  HAHA!!

THEN... in the last couple of weeks... NOAH has named me...  I did call myself Grammie Pamee... but what came out was "Bup" -  AND WOW!!  I LOVE MY NAME!!  HAHA!!  I hope that I am ALWAYS "Bup" to him and to Maia!!   Yesterday... he was behind the chair and calls out - "Bup??"  It made my heart leap!  

When the kids name you...  it is a TREASURE!!!  I LOVE that name calling!! =)

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