Friday, September 12, 2008

The difference between being a Mom and being a Grammie Bup

First of all... I don't know which one to call me =)  so I will be Grammie Bup!!  

I think that being a Grammie is WAY more fun than being a Mommy =)  I LOVED being a Mommy - but to be honest... I really LOVE being a Grammie!!  (hint hint Tim and Jill)

A few reasons that being Grammie is way more FUN...
I get to say YES more than I say NO!!  =)  I don't have to live with them!!
My house is clean more than it is messy =)  I don't mind messy... Chuck does!!!
Now... I really don't mind changing diapers!!  Even the poopy ones!!
I can sit on the floor and play ALL DAY LONG - I know that the time goes by too fast!!
When they call for me... I AM THERE!!!  I LOVE IT!!!
I love that the kids get to name me whatever they want...  and it is so SPECIAL to me!!
I get to sleep thru the night =)  and just dream about them!!
One of the main topics of Chuck's and my conversations is them... and HOW cute and HOW smart they are!!! =)
When we are with them... we don't feel stuck or trapped... we are FREE and we LOVE to do what they want!!
I realize that I have MORE patience with Grand Kids than I did with my own kids!! (SORRY Rich and Tim)
One of my FAVORITE things is I get to BUY things for them... because NOW we can afford it!! =) 
Long Distance is NOT as fun... but, to hear their voices on the phone... saying my NAME... WOW!  Tears flow down...  =)

Life is just better... I wake up looking so forward to just seeing them... and talking to them... and just watching them!  

MOM's!!  YOU have all of this to look forward to!!  BUT, enjoy what you have now - time goes by way too fast!!!  I do remember being a Mom of a Pre Schooler... and wondering if it will EVER BE OVER!!!!  HAHA!!  It is... NOW I get to really LOVE on my Pre Schoolers =)  I do wish I felt this same way back then...  but I think that is the JOY of being a Grammie - way MORE FUN!


Jeana Hurst said...

Awe...this is so special to read...My mom and Dar both tell me all the time about how much fun it is to be a grammie....I love watching them with my babies and I know they are always in the best hands because I know that they are with someone who loves them as much if not more than I do!

Sooo sweet to read Pamee and I love your name! Grammie Bup. My boys call both grandmas...gramme...grandma seems just hard to say for some reason. Bup is just too cute!

Jo Jo said...

So cute! I love that you like being a Bup and that you find do much joy in it. I love being a mommy but I am sure I will love being a Bup even more. My favorite is the sleep and affording things! I envy the grandparents!!!

Tiffany said...

Bup! I love that! My mom always says it is easier to be grammie than it is to be mommy. She gets to spoil Madi and then gives her back....just as she throws a tantrum! ay!

Jennifer Lynch said...

Thank you, Pam! Such a great reminder. I like to joke that I'll clean the house when the kids are in college, but I seem to find myself more and more doing the household chores instead of being on the floor, playing with the boys. I do feel like I'm going to be in the "toddler" stage forever. Thank you for the reminder to enjoy every moment!