Monday, September 22, 2008


My real computer is in the "shop" and NOT supposed to be done for 6 days - at least!!! I KNEW I couldn't go that long with out the internet... so I dug up my OLD laptop - and it works!! HAHA!! There is NO virus protection anymore so I am HOPING that I survive the week!! BUT, I can post here and get email!! WOOHOO!! AND Facebook! No photo editing tho... I think that I will be going thru withdrawl NOT able to use my Photoshop... AND the next version of Photoshop is out TOMORROW!!! At least I can go read about it... =)

Nothing profound today... just THANKFUL I do have OLD stuff that works! =)

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Jeana Hurst said...

Let me know what you think of the new photoshop when you get it...I'd love to know if its better. I think I am liking lightroom sooo much more right now....seems easier.

Sorry about your computer though...that stinks...but just think, once you have it back you will have no more problems!! :-)