Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Well... a few things I have learned this last year!

I like to evaluate my life at the end of each year - and I HOPE that it gets better as life goes on =) I look back to see the lessons that God has taught me thru the year!

Well...  one thing I learned - I can't do it ALL =)   I LOVE photography AND shooting Weddings, Families, Babies, Seniors, and Trash the Dress sessions!!  I did MANY of these this last year and LOVED every single minute of it!!  BUT, I watch Noah and Maia... and next year I will be watching our Grandson (which I am so EXCITED for) - and I do not have the energy or time to edit all the pix that go along with all the shoots I did!  PLUS Chuck is really missing me in ministry - I honestly have NOT been as involved as I used to be at our other Church. I miss ministry too! So... with so much PRAYER and learning these lessons - I am retiring from the business aspect of photography! I will still shoot... I HAVE to shoot!!  I would just rather do this AS a ministry! 2010 will be NO MORE CONTRACTS for me =)  

Another thing I learned... I am OLD!  HAHA!!  I don't know that this is a lesson from God this year... but it contributed to my NOT being able to DO EVERYTHING I used to do!  I don't FEEL old... it is just that I don't heal quite as fast as I used to!!  I think this hit really HARD when we were in Syracuse visiting the Grand babies...  I pulled out my back trying to LIFT BOTH of them up!!  HAHAAHA!!  I couldn't lift them the rest of the week!  Then I did a Trash the Dress photoshoot - which I LOVED!!!! and I fell over some steps - and wrecked my knee and toes!  I was a MESS!!  HAHA!  I MUST slow down and LOOK where I am going =)

More learning...  I LOVE to pray!  BUT, because I am OLD now... my memory is NOT what it used to be and I NEED to write them all down!!  So... I am starting a book with prayer requests!  I am really learning that Face Book has heightened my PRAYING to the LORD!!  I am connecting with so many from the past and present that NEED PRAYER...  and I do PRAY - I just WANT to pray more consistantly! So this may be due to a Facebook addiction too... which you may want to pray for ME about =).

Ok...  this is WAY MORE than I have ever POSTED... and there is WAY more that God is teaching me... So I will end here! I won't have anything to blog about if I keep going!!  HAHA!!

More blogging later... I have a goal - no - a dream to actually POST more here!!  I really do enjoy it... it is just my OLD mind goes BLANK when I sit down to write =)


Tiffany said...

you are so beautiful Pam and these are beautiful and fresh and wonderful resolutions for the new year! I am proud of you for deciding to put aside the business aspect of photography yet still use it as a ministry. I am sure Chuck will be honored that you decided to partner more alongside him. He will be around much longer (Lord willing!) than a camera *smile*

Although I do hope you can still do my maternity shots =) I love you so much and thank you for being such an amazing influence and blessing in my life these past few years. I am so thankful for you and I can only hope that I can be half the wife to Dan that you are to Chuck.

Love you both!

Pamee said...

=) I sure do LOVE you too!! Thanks Tiff!!