Sunday, January 4, 2009

Addictions... =)

Ok... I do have a FEW addictions!  My computer, Facebook, my newest one - blog stalking... but I think my MOST addictive thing is my iPhone!!  The battery does NOT last as LONG as I want it too - which gets me off of it for a while!  What I LOVE are the GAMES!!  HAHA!  I love Fuzzle, Wurdle, Tetris... but I am now HOOKED on scrabble!  I am playing the computer - PHONE - and it plays words that I didn't KNOW were words!!!  Did you know that there are quite a few words that start with a Q and do NOT have U follow it??  I am so bummed I didn't write them down so I can use them too!!  My memory is so BAD!!!  AND with scrabble I can play Chuck... BUT I just learned that my WiFi does not work!  I can't get it to work!  I NEVER knew it was not working UNTIL I wanted to play Chuck in Scrabble!!!  See it is the games that make me want my iPhone to work to it's full capacity!!  Otherwise I don't really care if the WiFi works!! =) Here is my phone desktop... GAMES!!!


Cyn said...

Lol.. that is funny. Try Text Twist that is also addicting.

kathryn said...

Ok, I don't have an i-phone and now I know that I shouldn NEVER get one! The desktop wouldn't be big enough for my game addiction!
We'll have to find you a battery pack that can handle the demand!

Tiffany said...

LOL you are so funny! I hear you on the addictions!!!! I am just now starting to get addicted to the different apps on iPhone. And what is up with the battery not lasting as long. Drives me bananas...but maybe it is a good thing. lol!