Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Facebook taggings =)

Ok... The last blog I did was really HARD for me!! Even tho it was SHORT compared to the one going around Facebook!! 25 things
to know about me... YIKES!! I keep getting tagged for that to do one!!! I don't know that I can think of 25 THINGS that you would want to know!!
HAHA!! So when I get 3 or 4 or 5 tags... I can't think that MUCH!!! So I am saying SORRY - I do LOVE YOU but cannot keep up with all
the tagging!! I do feel GUILTY that I don't do it... that is why I am just telling you here - I can't do it! HAHA!! So this IS your tag back!!

Let's see if I can do 25...

1. I do LOVE the LORD with ALL my heart. I live for HIM and HIM alone... which makes life really FUN!

2. One of the gifts I WISH God had given me was singing =) The words to so many songs touch me to my soul - and I am changed because of them!

3. I am NOT organized - and to be really organized would drive me NUTS!!!

4. I am more into my computer than I am into make-up =)

5. I LOVE to take photos of FEET and SHOES! I don't know why... I just LOVE them!!

6. I LOVE being a "Bup" = Grammie more than I liked being a Mom =) Life is just so much more FUN!

7. This is taking me WAY to long to write... and it is NOT really FUN!

8. FUN is one of my life goals!! Can you tell?? HAHA!!

9. I think it is funny that Chuck talks MORE than me... ALL the time! I LOVE it!!!!!!!!

10. I LOVE sparkly things... I wish that my iMac came in pink sparkles! I would so BUY one!!

11. I KNOW I need to exercise MORE - but I HATE the pain of it!!

12. I really HATE that my memory is so BAD - like I don't remember names at all!!! SORRY for all of you I cannot remember and I ASK over and over!!!

13.Ok... this has taken 30 minutes... maybe because I don't talk a lot... I don't think a lot =) This is HARD!!!

14. I don't consider myself a real reader... but, I do LOVE to read books that touch my heart!!

15. I want to LEARN to do a new thing every year... and I FORGOT to pick something for this year!! HAHA!! THE BAD memory is here again!! I will think of something!

16. I have quite an addictive personality... Blog Stalking is one of my newest addictions!! I love Facebook for catching up with people from the past!!

17. Of all the people on the earth... I would want to spend EVERYDAY with Chuck! He is the man of my DREAMS!! I am so thankful that I get to!!

18. I LOVE being a Pastor's wife too... and I really cannot think of anything BETTER!! Ministry is AMAZING!! AND I am BLESSED to be a part of a wonderful church family!

19. I don't like taking this LONG on writing my blog... I LOVE doing a blog... but I would rather just write a quick note and be DONE!!!

20. I am at my WORST... and I mean WORST... when I am HOT, TIRED, and HUNGRY - I PRAY that this will NOT be my torture in the end times... I may NOT be very nice!

21. I like my iPhone... I may be addicted to it... remember I do have an addictive personality!!

22. My favorite movies are Princess Movies... Disney.... I can watch them OVER and OVER!! Although... My fave of ALL times is Anne of Green Gables! Not princess... BUT GREAT!!!!!!

23. I LOVE candles... Not a big deal... but I LOVE having them lit ALL day - even in 90 degree weather!!

24. I do LOVE painting my own nails... it is so theraputic! I don't do my toes often tho... but Michelle Heydorn is who got me started on doing my toes =)

25. This is the last ONE!! I am soooooo THRILLED that I am DONE =) It doesn't take much to thrill me!!

WHEW!! Only 45 minutes to do this!!! HAHA!!

I did figure out how to add blogs with my iPhone =) So they can be short!!

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