Saturday, January 31, 2009

The WEEK is OVER...

WHEW!  This has been one of the HARDEST weeks of my life!!  =)  I thought that I was a basket case LAST week... but, NO... this week topped it all!!

It started with speaking (which IS my greatest fear) to Mom2Mom on Monday - AND My car didn't start... dead battery!  My verse for the year - Rejoice ALWAYS - came to mind - and I did! Chuck was still home to give me a ride!!!  Then I had to get it JUMPED - thanks to Ricky Murray - and took it to get a new battery!!  They told me that it would be an hour and a half wait... but it was only 40 minutes =)  PRAISING GOD at that point!!

Then... I kept getting messages that people were so excited to hear what I had to say on Wed. night - the night of Communication in Marriage (the one Chuck forgot to tell me about) and I was getting REALLY scared!!  I knew I was ONLY going to read my blog - Chuck didn't want to make me STRESS any more than I was!!  BUT I KNEW that I couldn't do any MORE speaking this week... I was really NOT in my right mind!!  SO... I just read my blog - and it was WONDERFUL to be DONE with Wednesday... 

BUT our Mom2Mom meets on Fridays too.... so I had ONE more session to speak at!!  I was really excited to go too!!  Not real nervous... but anxious to be DONE!!  I started the day with my usual... emails and a little blog stalking - I saw that Taleah had a new blog - Confession Mama - I LOVE reading her blogs!!  Well...  it was the one that is titled "Love" - and by the end I was crying so HARD I could hardly DRIVE!!!  When I got to the church I tried to pull it all together - and someone asked me if I had JUST woke up!!  HAHAHA!!!!  YEP!!!  I guess I looked really GOOD!!  I did say that I am NOT that into make-up =)  

Well... the week is done... and I am so GLAD!!  I am on vacation next week =)  leaving Taleah with one of the HARDEST weeks she has =)  to find other child care!!  SORRY!!  BUT I am going to go have fun with one of my friends, Vicki, in Albuquerque!  So... I will try to blog from my phone!

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kathryn said...

Dearest one, I am so proud of you, and I know that the women were blessed by you. It isn't about your words, it is about your precious heart that oozes out to those around you. We are truly honored to have you as our Pastor's wife...but more importantly to have you as you!