Friday, January 2, 2009

Pondering in my heart...

We are doing the Life Journal as a church this year - and it is a GREAT tool to help you stay in the WORD daily!! 

Anyway... one of the verses that really stood out to me was in Luke 2:19, 51  "Mary treasured all these things, pondering them in her heart."  It really made me think back when the boys were young...  - I do LOVE to scrapbook, but there are moments in our lives that we can only REMEMBER in our hearts =)

ONE of those precious memories I have - Rich and Tim were BOTH determined to be Missionaries at a young age! Rich was determined he would go to Japan and Tim was all set to go to Russia! Tim was around 4 years old... One night, Chuck was praying with them and Tim told him he was NOT going to Russia!  He told us that for a few days...  Then a few nights later he told Chuck that he WAS going to Russia...  Chuck asked what changed his mind... he said that he didn't want his wife and kids to be persecuted like he would be and asked if Rich would take care of his family while he was being tortured =)  I STILL CRY at the memory of this!!

Mom's take time to ponder the memories IN your heart!  Sometimes that is ALL we have when the kids grow up!!

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