Friday, January 16, 2009

Poor Chuck...

I know my husband WANTS to be romantic... but he isn't scoring very HIGH in that category so far this year!!  He does have it as ONE of his goals for the year!

Let me just share a FEW things that I do think he may be a little clueless...

It all started out last week when I looked at the Church bulletin - and saw a seminar on Marriage and MY NAME WAS ON IT as one of the speakers!!  AND our topic IS COMMUNICATION!  I had NO idea that we were doing this!!!  He did NOT communicate very well!!  =)

Then he wanted to have a window washer come and clean all the windows at our house - he scheduled it for NAP TIME on a day that I watch Noah and Maia - they sleep a total of 45 minutes all day... and wake UP SCREAMING because some strange man kept banging on the windows!!!! 

Last night I was catching up on my work and he says "just come with me to the meeting - it starts at 6 and I will only be a few minutes."  I decide to go...   We get to the church and find out the meeting is ACTUALLY at 7:30!  We FINALLY walked thru the doors of our house at 8:45!! So much for a FEW MINUTES!!

Now... which is why I am WONDERING what kind of year this will REALLY BE from my romantic husband!!   A few days ago he asked me if I wanted to go to Orlando with him for a conference - I didn't really want to go because it is a conference for him - what would I do?? Well he says I can shoot pix and play - then we would go to Disney World  AND have a really FUN time once the conference was done... I agreed and got really excited!!!  That sounded FUN!!   Today he comes into tell me he has booked HIS ticket to Orlando... I looked at him and said JUST you???  Yep!!  JUST HIM!!!  

I think he may be in REAL trouble this year!!  I hope he meets his goals...  he IS goal driven!


Jo Jo said...

Oh no! Not off to a good start huh?! But, that meeting last night was my fault. I must have put it on his calendar wrong...shoot! But, the other two...NOT my fault...all his!!!! That just means you will have extra good romantic things to look forward to because he will have to make up for the others!

kathryn said...

I had to come on and find out what he did after his admission on facebook and in church...I guess now you can come to the women's conference! I feel so bad, you were soooo excited about Orlando...He better be scrambling to get you a ticket! He's going to need a team fasting and praying for him!