Friday, April 17, 2009

God is so GOOD to me =)

Today was Rich and Mel's wedding in NY.   I stayed home just in case Jill went into labor =)  I HAVE to be here when Liam is born!! 

I was HOPING to hear the wedding on Chuck's phone... phones were NOT allowed in the courthouse but he called me anyway =)  My phone sometimes rings and sometimes doesn't...  I was WAITING for the call!!!  Then I got the voicemail =(  I was so bummed!!  It never rang!!  I listened to the message HOPING that he would call back... BUT the message was MOST of the ceremony!!!  WOOHOO!!  I did get to hear it and I have it saved!  That is way better!!!

THEN I went to get lunch for Jill - AND Tim =)  at Corner Bakery - LONG line but it was worth it!!  As I come out of the restaurant a little boy comes running up to me with a dandelion in his hand - and says he picked it just for ME =)  I KNEW GOD was with me!!  I started to cry...  it made my day!!!

AND all day Chuck kept me up to date with photos from his day in NY - I am a truly BLESSED woman!!

Thank YOU everyone that PRAYED - it was NOT an easy day for me...  BUT I KNOW God is with ME =)

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Lizzy said...

What a lovely little boy! I'm so glad God decided to give you that AWESOME booster! I do Love you, Pam!!! :)