Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chuck is my PERFECT man!!

I love vacations with Chuck! We had a wonderful day! We started out with coffee and quiet time by a water fountain... Then went to eat =] at a cute cafe... Then shopping at Fellowshipchurch.com bookstore and TWO malls!! After that we needed coffee... So we googled Dunkin Donuts and drove thru a lot of Dallas suburbs... And seeing the towns!! Loved it!!!!! We also went to the grocery store for snacks... Tom Thumb IS the grocery store!! That was fun!

Now... We r back in the room watching American Idol... It's on at 7 here!! That is WAY early =] haha!

Chuck IS my perfect man!!!

Here r pix from the day =]

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Eye Ya said...

Praising God!!! You guys deserve a nice vacation. Enjoy your time!

Love you both!

Cyn LeVeque

Jennifer Lynch said...

That's wonderful you guys get to go away and just be the two of you! Your trip sounds amazing. Matthew and I just got back from a trip to Vermont just the two of us - it was heavenly! Plus going to the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory wasn't bad either. ;)