Friday, August 28, 2009

Getting READY...

Tonight will be our FIRST time to experience a Sabbath! We wanted to do on early in the summer BUT both of our schedules would NOT let us have a Friday night AND Saturday completely FREE!! Sad huh?

I didn't realize how much you have to do ahead of time to prepare for it. Food, house, and candles... =) One of the things I am looking MOST forward to is the START of Sabbath - we light candles!! We got a candle for each of our family members - and have them set in family groups - as we light them we PRAY for each one of them! I think it will be emotional for me... then we get to talk and share what God has done in our lives AND how BLESSED we really are!! No computer OR phones =) I think it will be really difficult to NOT be on my computer at ALL!! As I was thinking thru all this I really thought it will bring us back 20 years - we didn't have a computer OR a cell phone!!

We are going to play games, talk, eat, and truly REST!


Jo Jo said...

I am so excited for you guys to have a day to just rest! Those candles are so pretty by the way. Have fun escaping from the world for a day!

Lizzy said...

Wow, that is so interesting! I think it sounds great to just rest...Hmmm, maybe I'll convince Hector to do it too. :)