Monday, August 31, 2009

My take on our Sabbath... =)

Last Friday night and Saturday... we celebrated our FIRST Sabbath! It was such an AMAZING experience for me - and for Chuck and I as a couple =) We started with the lighting of the candles. First with one that represents GOD in our lives and we invited HIM into our Sabbath - then we have a candle for each one of our family members - set in family groups. As we lit each one of them - we prayed for each one AND remembered back to some FUN memories of each one... It was so EMOTIONAL all the way thru!! Then we ATE!! Read Scripture to each other AND played games... it was so FUN! Saturday we slept in... ATE and read more Scripture to each other - and shared just how GOD is at work in our lives today.

We did not get on the computer OR phone - which really made me think back... even 20 years ago - when we didn't even own a computer OR a cell phone! HAHA!! We did reminisce a lot... and we are SO thankful to where GOD has us right now in our lives. We could not have even dreamed way back in the late 70's that this is where we would be today... WOW!

It was really wonderful to not have to think about what I have to get done... or even think about what we will eat... it was all set BEFORE we even started!

We had a book that helped us with some of the ideas - and it was GREAT! We don't want to be legalistic - so we just took things that worked for us to make it so FUN and memorable AND honored GOD the whole time!

The white one is for Chuck's Mom

The RED ones are Rich, Mel, Caroline and Myra
These are for Tim, Jill and Liam
AND this group is for the Murray's - Ricky, Taleah, Noah and Maia

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