Thursday, August 13, 2009

I love hearing how GOD works...

I LOVE the stories of GOD at work in people's lives! When we were in youth ministry... Chuck came home all the time with stories of changed lives - it was such a BLESSING to watch! When he became a Sr. Pastor's life - I heard a few stories but I also got the info on the budget and property info... and ya know... that just didn't thrill me - HAHA!! That was one of the things I missed most about youth ministry - I know that there is a lot more on Chuck's plate than there used to be.

This week I am hearing so many stories of how GOD is at work... especially using baby Corban! Cody and Ally lost baby Corban last week - and as hard as it is to go thru - I see Cody AND Ally truly loving everyone around them - and it is making a difference and touching so MANY lives! I really do LOVE being in the ministry... but I REALLY LOVE hearing God stories!!

DO you have a GOD story from this week??

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