Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What puts a smile on your face??

Today was a rough day with the kids... actually only AFTER nap time =) BUT as hard as it was... I was so smiling on the INSIDE! I don't dare let the kids see me laughing at what they do!! Noah is NOT defiant - directly - he is just pushing his limits to the FARTHEST it will go... I told him I had to see his eyes... he went behind the wall with one eye one me... then NO eyes... I called him... he slid ONE eye over... I was so LAUGHING on the inside!! It really put a smile on my face!!!

What puts a smile on your face??


Chuck said...

Seeing the way you love the kids and everyone

Lizzy said...

What puts a smile on my face?

Seeing Lisamarie run to daddy when he gets home from work with her arms spread out yelling, in a high pitch voice, "D-A-D-D-EEEEE!"