Sunday, October 25, 2009

You KNOW you are addicted when...

Life goes UPSIDE down when you can't access Facebook!!!  I think I am having withdrawls...  I don't get to chat with my late night friends!!  I can't upload any new pix =(   In fact - once when it did let me on I checked my pix and they were ALL GONE!!  HAHA!!

I KNOW I should really be enjoying this time off...  I should have more FREE time... BUT I just keep coming back for more WAITING and WAITING  =)

I am replying to messages and questions... but they don't stick!  SORRY!!! I am not ignoring anyone =)

This is what my computer screen looks like most of the day =(


clspraizehim said...

So sorry. If Daniel didn't have a laptop I wouldn't be able to get on either. I don't understand what happened. One day we could get on and the next we couldn't...weird! Don't you have the IPhone??? I think the kids are getting each other one for Christmas. Hope you get it fixed soon so you can get back in contact with the world:):)!!!!

Tiffany Harper said...

hehe I know what you mean! I am so addicted to facebook...and twitter...and blogs! Ay!