Monday, November 30, 2009

Santa Ana WINDS!

I am SNEEZING all day LONG right now!!  I don't remember it EVER being this BAD!!  I think that the older I get - the MORE allergies I have!!

Even tho the winds can get annoying... it reminds me of the Christmas Season!  I was thinking of that ALL day today!!  MOST people think of Christmas and FREEZING temps... but I think of DRY air, wind, and WARM temps!!!  BUT I LOVE the really COLD (40 degrees) nights!!!

WHAT reminds YOU of the Christmas Season??


Tiffany Harper said...

When the air gets super chilly and I start seeing Christmas going up in the mall (or anywhere!) in November. I LOVE Christmas. I enjoy the moments and memories you get to make every year with your family. Baking, singing Christmas carols, hot chocolate, midnight service at church. It can get hectic, yes, but for some reason....I am not bothered by it. Because I have chosen to not let the busyness get me down and be thankful for the fact that I have a family to love, spoil and celebrate Christ's birth with. will be 10 years since I became a believer on December 19th. God is so good.

JDub said...

The best part of the season is that bite in the air, that first time in the season you get to see your breathe. That’s when Christmas season has truly arrived. The taste of cranberry sauce .... Half my soon to be new family doesn't eat it.... jelled, the chunky with processed berries that are older then God knows what. Watching elf so many times that you almost never want to see it again .... until this past weekend when I forgot how funny Mr. Norwall was! Just a few of the things that really put me in the holiday spirit!