Wednesday, December 30, 2009


AND I LOVE to give surprises!!  A couple of months ago I had heard form Taleah that Roy's does a dinner that the Chef prepares especially for YOU... you have to arrange it ahead of time and then set a reservation and go in and ENJOY! Amy Fernandez HELPED me set it up... AND she was our server for the night... which was a real BLESSING!

Well.. surprising Chuck is NOT easy!!  He usually gets what he wants ahead of time... like for Christmas - He wanted a fun cappuccino machine and did research - then went and got it!  So... I wanted to think of something that he wouldn't think of...  FOOD prepared for him by a real chef =)  The problem was HOW to get him there!!  HAHA!!

I had to tell him we were EATING a BIG meal...  but didn't say where - just that it is by Disneyland. My plan was to go to Dland too... but with the crowds AND the rain - I decided that wouldn't be very fun!!  So we just did the dinner...  he did guess once we were on our way! He remembered back to hearing about it too =)  It was so FUN!  Neither of us had been to the Garden Walk...  I want to go back when it isn't raining!!

Amy was the BEST!!!  Here are a few pix...

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Chuck said...

You are the BEST! What an amazing Birthday present. It may have been the best meal I have ever ate! Definitely with the woman I love more than any. Praise God you are in my life!