Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Learning... with NO memory =)

HAHA!  I am learning that I MUST POST my blog WHEN I think of it - OR I will NOT remember what I wanted to say!!  SO... Here is this one... I had one this morning too - but I don't remember what it was =(

We just watched Juile/Julia - I LOVE that movie!!  I am NOT a cook... but it has inspired me to WANT to cook!  I am NOT saying I WILL cook... but it has INSPIRED me to WANT to  =)

I loved a few things in that movie - but I think the BEST is the marriage of Julia and her husband...  HE was AMAZING!  AND I feel that I HAVE that in my life now...  Chuck really IS and AMAZING man!  He really does LOVE me... not just in front of everyone at church... but at home too!  I am so BLESSED!  We have been together since I was 15 years old...  I am now 51!  =)  We have been thru some really hard times - but GOD has ALWAYS been there with me - with US.  I am just blown away that the years go by so FAST - we are coming into the New Year  AND  Chuck's birthday... AND I am so excited to have the FUTURE... to still be with the MAN of my dreams!!  AND our Grand kids...  I am PRAYING for MANY Grand BABIES!!

Just the thoughts I have BEFORE I forget them  =)


Chuck said...

I really love you! I do think you should make a resolution this year to cook one fun, new dish a month!

Eye Ya said...


You and Chuck are amazing and that love for eachother is such a good example for all of us! Love you both so much!

P.S. We could have cooking class once every quarter... Oh I would love to do that invite a bunch of girls over... so much fun we could cook all kinds of stuff.

Have a blessed day!