Monday, December 28, 2009

On vacation...

YAY!  I am LOVING this week AFTER Christmas... Chuck is OFF all week!!  Today was the BEST first day of VACATION too!  WE found out the Tim and Jill are having a baby GIRL!!   I am just so EXCITED I can hardly stand it... the visions of PINK and FRILL and SPARKLES are all in my head today!  My FAVORITE THINGS!!  HAHA!!

I also am starting a NEW blog... One that will use my photography AND my Bible!!  I am actually starting on the first... BUT I am just practicing now  =)  I am HOPING to design it really CUTE too  =)  That is a whole NEW learning thing for me tho...

THE BEST part of TODAY... we get Liam for the night!  WOOHOO!!  Grand kids are the BEST!!!

Here are a couple of pix...  =)

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