Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Oh Man... I AM OLD!

YIKES!  I got an email from my DIL saying ALL the gifts arrived in NY - then asking if we had shipped the CAMERAS??  I told her we had bought Ruby Rd Cameras for the girls =) --- Well...  I asked Chuck WHAT he shipped and he said that he thought the cameras were IN the bags...  OH NO! I looked UNDER the TREE - and there they were!  I so TRIED to get ALL the presents OUT and to be UNDER their tree BEFORE Christmas!

It was my mistake... Chuck did ask me to get ALL the presents to be mailed into ONE pile and I did NOT have them IN the pile...   I am getting OLD!  I really THOUGHT I did!!  He is laughing...  I will - AFTER they get them!!

I think I always knew I was NOT perfect...  but now I realize I am OLD and NOT perfect... a very SCARY combination!!!


clspraizehim said...

Michelle & I made Christmas cookies the other day and I was on my feet the entire day. That night I was exhausted and my feet were swollen and hurting! I'm thinking to myself, "you are only 49, what is the problem". Does this mean I'm getting old??? My mind thinks young but my body is telling me otherwise:) I think the scary part is going to be when my mind & body think alike!

Tiffany Harper said...

I am only 28 and I forget things! My babies took all of my brain cells. LOL! I hope you have an amazing Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I'm 39 and have more than a few mishaps. Totally agree with our babies taking all of our brain cells. It's the kids fault!! :-D