Tuesday, January 26, 2010

...I really am NOT a cook!

Today - I thought I would try another Julia Childs recipe... even tho it is a day with ALL of the babies!  I marinated a pot roast last night to put into the crock pot TODAY!  Well the recipe called for me to drain all the juice from the meat and reduce it to half by heating it on the stove.

=)  OK... now I KNOW the REAL truth about reduction!  It BOILED OVER!!  I LOST half of it on the stove top!  HAHA!!  I didn't KNOW that would happen!!  I think I am NOT meant to cook alone!  SO... I hope that I have enough for the sauce... it is in the crock pot ALL day... and I am watching it... so far so good!!

NO PIX tho... I have to be with the babies too!!  I think they are intrigued as to why I am in the kitchen so much!  They keep asking to eat!!  HAHA!!  That usually IS why I am in the kitchen... so they must think they have to eat!  HAHA!! It has been really FUNNY!!


clspraizehim said...

I'm trying to cook something new once a month:) I feel like I cook the same things over and over again so I thought it would be nice to try something different. I made a beef stir fry last night and it turned out great! I have always wanted Grant and I to take a cooking class but he refuses:)!! I DID tell him last night that I want him and I to prepare a meal together and he laughed. I told him that you and Chuck did it and are still married:):)!!! Good for you for trying new things.

Pamee said...

HAHA!! Cathy that is toooooo FUNNY! Chuck is a WAY better cook than I am!! It is really a FUN thing to do together... I do think we need each OTHER to read Julia Child's cook book tho... =) I hope Grant joins you one of these days!!!