Monday, January 25, 2010

Comfort FOOD!!!

Ok...  I have been in a little bit of a depression the last few days... maybe week =)  I just didn't want to leave the GRAND daughters...  so I have been EATING my way to feeling better!

I KNOW that is so BAD...  since I am part of the Jenny Craig plan... BUT I just HAD to =)  Well...  my COMFORT food used to be CheezIts  or Ice Cream with HOT FUDGE (that is what I ate when Tim left the house) or CHIPS galore - or macaroni and cheese - the WHOLE BOX!   NOW...  I just had Triscuits and Guacomole... I limited my intake to about 12 Triscuits and a dip of guacamole for each bite =)  TWICE a day =)

I had my check in at Jenny Craig today and I just weighed the SAME!!!  HAHAHA!!  I so thought I gained 5 pounds!!!  So I am OVER my little depression... and READY to tackle eating the RIGHT way!!  WOOHOO!!

What are your comfort FOODS??  I still want a BOX of macaroni and cheese and I may have HAD that IF it were IN the house!!


Tiffany Harper said...

Guacamole and chips, cupcakes and potatoe cheese casserole. Comfort foods....they are so bad but so good. Glad you are feeling a little better! You tackle the world Pamee!

clspraizehim said...

I can't eat when I'm upset. When all is right with the world though, I do love chocolate chip cookies:) I've been thinking about becoming friends with Jenny Craig. Trying to take off some weight myself but it's not working very well. Good for you Pam!!!

Maegen said...

My comfort foods are mostly Southern. Peas and Cornbread, biscuits and syrup, or cake... :)