Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Airport Security...

I really am ALL for it...  It is sad in this day and time that we have to resort to it... but for the safety of our nation... I am THRILLED for it!   I pack all of my liquids into my suitcase and check it in =)

Yesterday however... I think she went a bit far for me... It has been bothering me all day!

I went to the airport early to hang out with Caroline and Myra and Mel... to get in my last Grammie moments!

The kids and Mel walked me up to security and were going to watch me go thru - as we said our good byes I was crying and hugging on them and really emotional. I get in line and take off my shoes... take out my computer and place the shoes in a bin, the computer in a bin, my purse in a bin and then send my bag and my CPAP bag thru... the security gal comes up to me and tells me it is better for her if I take out the CPAP machine so she can look at it without sending it back thru again.  At this point I am still really emotional and asked her "what?" she tells me again - in my mind I was thinking I have traveled with this many times before and had NEVER been asked that - I do KNOW that they always take it off after they scan it look at it - that is fine with me! Then she asks me to take off my sweatshirt... I say NO... the shirt I have on underneath is skin tight and I would NOT wish that sight on anyone!  HAHA!!

Anyway... I take it out and add it to another bin - I now have 4 bins and 2 bags!!  HAHA!! AND I am crying...  Well... I get thru the gate and have to go to another area in the middle of where everyone is watching and she comes up to me again and asks me if I would rather go to a private area to be frisked??   Again... I am crying and just so confused at this point I told her just do it here!!  I don't care... I can still see Caroline and Myra - that is all I cared about!!  So she frisked me right there - HAHAHA!!  Can you believe it??  I maybe could have understood IF I were at LAX or even Long Beach... BUT SYRACUSE???  HAHA!!

I so WANTED to be a BRAT...  and tell her she was insensitive to what I was going thru...  but I couldn't!  Once I was all the thru and at my gate... I lost it... I was crying so hard...  I just MISS them so!!


catpeltier said...

Oh, Pam....I'm so sorry about your horrible airport experience. I've decided that the smaller airports are stricter and more picky than the larger ones! More importantly I hope your aching heart feels better soon, it must be very hard living so far away from your girlies! Hugs, love, and blessings, Cathy

Jo Jo said...

This post made me want to cry...I think I may just have to hunt that airport lady down and have some words!!! How rude.
March will be here before you know it!

clspraizehim said...

Ok, first of all when I read CPAP I thought you said CRAP, HAHAHAHA!!! As I was reading it I kept thinking, "I don't think Pam would put that on here but oh well", however I re-read it like 3 times before I realized it said CPAP:):)!!!! I just can't believe all that you had to go thru! My heart aches for you being so far from the girls, Rich & Mel:( I just loved seeing the pic of the girls with their cameras, soooo cute! Taleah, just let Michelle & I know if you want to hunt that lady down, we've got your back:):)!!! Love Ya!!!