Saturday, January 16, 2010


I LOVE the play - "Wicked" - and Chuck got me tickets to take our Grand Girls to go see it IN Syracuse! Today was THAT day!  I am so emotional from getting to take them...  they LOVE "The Wizard of OZ" and watch it all the time. They were "Dorothy" for Halloween... So I thought they would LOVE "Wicked" even tho they are only 3!

They were a little scared that the Wicked Witch would come get them... but once it started they watched EVERY scene and song in AWE!  It was so CUTE!  They wore their Dorothy costumes and really had a GREAT time!!

Maybe the BEST for me was... they wanted to bring their cameras and shoot a few before and after shots...  =) hmmmmm....  I wonder WHERE they get that from???  HAHA!!

Here are a couple of shots...    AND it was 44 degrees today too!!  Nice and WARM!!  =)


Jo Jo said...

How fun! They are so precious... and I am sure this is a memory they will cherish forever!

Chuck said...

I am so glad that I sent you to be with them.