Friday, January 15, 2010

WHEW! I made it to Syracuse with NO delay!

Yesterday was a DAY of PRAYER for me =)  First... I know NY in January there will be LOTS of snow!  I have been praying for a while now that I would be able to drive in it! AND that it would NOT be SNOWING when I got here! God answered! So much so... that I did NOT expect it to be 42 degrees at midnight!! Right now... during the day... it is 31 degrees =)

Next...  I was PRAYING while flying because my stomach was getting a little upset... and I know that a few people have had the flu... so I PRAYED that I would at least make it thru til I got to the hotel... I DID!!  And I am all better today =)  WOOHOO!!

Another thing... I didn't really PRAY on this one... I just laughed...
I have lost enough weight that my pants were too BIG!  I was lugging around the suitcase and all my junk... and I had to keep pulling UP my pants!!  HAHA!!  That can be a PRAISE too =) 

Pix of the girls coming soon  =)

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Jo Jo said...

Yay for big pants and no Flu! I felt horrible when Chuck told me your tummy wasn't feeling good. I pray that you have a wonderful time with Rich, Mel, and the babies!...Oh and just so you know, today Maia and Noah were in the backseat of the car on their pretend phones talking to MYRA! Then, I asked if they wanted to talk to her for real and they got all shy and said no! I'll try again later!