Thursday, February 18, 2010

A few SURPRISES this week =)

This was the FIRST "real" week of us being on the Dave Ramsey budget - we had our FIRST Budget meeting last Saturday... and being the Free Spirit I had to BE there =)  HAHA!!  I think my FIRST surprise was that I actually LOVED it!  I had a say... AND Chuck heard me!  We now have an envelope to SAVE $ to spend on the grand babies =)  I LOVE to shop for them!!

The SECOND surprise was that I actually got cash!  HAHA!!  I don't think I have EVER had that without asking =)  I LOVE IT!  I get CASH EVERY WEEK!!  WOOHOO!!

The THIRD surprise was that I didn't SPEND my cash =)  HAHA!!  Dave Ramsey is RIGHT!!  I don't spend the CASH as easily!!

The FOURTH surprise was that I LOVED saying NO =)  It was actually EASY!  I know- it is only the first week - but this is FUN!!

The FIFTH surprise was I MADE IT!!  HAHA!!  One week down =)  I didn't think this could be FUN - but it is like a game to see how much $ we can have at the end of the week!!   We are in the PLUS column!!  WOOHOO!!

I have ENOUGH craft "stuff" to keep me busy for a few years... so my goal is to USE IT ALL up instead of buying NEW stuff - this includes scrapbooking, beading, knitting and even CAMERA gear!!  HAHA!!  The struggle will be to NOT watch QVC on Craft day =)  AND NOT keep up to date on Canon "stuff"  =)

I am mentally getting ready to SELL STUFF too!  I think one of my first things to sell is my BIG printer - It prints 24" x up to 100" - and I LOVE it!  BUT realistically - I am retired now and do I really USE it right now?  I have to say I am pretty attached to it... but I am gearing up for it to GO! =)

Now... the final surprise this week... I want to do this FOREVER!  (that is how I feel now)  I don't feel like I am missing out on ANYTHING!!  I don't know that Chuck feels the same way... BUT being the FREE SPIRIT... Chuck is making this a real BLESSING for me!!


luvmygirls said...

Love it....If you run out of scrapbooking supplies I have enough I can share. Lol

Pamee said...

HAHA!! THANK YOU!! I think I have enough... BUT I may call on you =) YOU are so SWEET!!!

Joi Copeland said...

Chris and I are doing the Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey and love it! We don't follow it perfectly, but I love watching our debt decrease! Yay! And living within our means is so much fun! :) Love it, love it!

duartestudios said...

OMGoodness Pam...I laughed so hard...just remembering my first week! Oh man was that ever comical!! We have been living by Dave for a couple of years now and it just keeps getting easier and easier! Pretty soon the idea of having no debt is more exciting than the shopping & crafts! It's a weird phenomenon ...Who would've thunk it?!

Michelle Koenig said...

We're loving FPU and Dave Ramsey, too. We're so blessed to have it at Crossroads. We had a rough first week, but now it's week 5 and we're doing good.

So, when you start to sell stuff let me know if any camera gear is going to be on the list. I'd love to upgrade, but just don't have the cash!